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Influencers and Partnerships

Are you an aspiring influencer who is interested in partnering with us? Then this post is for you.
Written by Florian
Updated 5 months ago

First of all, thank you for your interest in a cooperation. Influencers are a vital part of garnering attention and introducing the site to prospective customers.

Since it would not be profitable to only give away free boxes or credits, we differentiate between two types of partnerships: "Standard" and "Sponsored".

Standard Influencer: As a Standard Influencer you will not recieve any perks for promoting the site, at first. However, you will recieve a referral code that you can advertise on your social media account. Once a viewer uses your code to buy a box, you will recieve 20% of the boxes value, in form of on-site credit.

Once you have recruited more than 10 users to buy boxes, you are eligible for our "Sponsored Influencer" partnership. This step is necessary for analysing the profitability of the sponsorship. You can find your referral link here: https://dripdraw.com/user?s=3. Upon request, we can also personalize your code.

Sponsored Influencer: First and foremost, you will receive the same perks that  Standard Influencers are given. Additionally, we will grant you free credits, which you can use for your promotional video or post. And last but not least, you have the choice to earn up to 15% of your referred customers box value, in actual cash. 

We have distinct standards, regarding the selection of Sponsored influencers , because it doesn't only depend on how many followers you have, but also on your conversation rate (your views/followers ratio). For example, having 50.000 followers on TikTok, but only getting a few hundred views per video, indicates a low conversation rate, which we most likely won't accept.

In order to determine if you qualify for our "Sponsored Influencer" program, we have set a few benchmarks:

YouTube min. 10K views per video
TikTok min. 10K views per post
Instagram min. 700 likes per post
Twitch min. 5K followers
Twitter min. 800 likes per Tweet

This is of course only a rough guideline. Sometimes much smaller accounts are accepted as sponsors and we manually check every potential influencer that requests a partnership. Just contact us on instagram @dripdrawcom!

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