What's Dripdraw's No-Loss-Guarantee?

You read that right: We upgraded Dripdraw to make sure you really get what's worth the price.
Written by Florian
Updated 1 year ago

We at Dripdraw decided to upgrade all our boxes: Every reward you receive from our mystery boxes, is at least worth the price of the box. That's the reason why we are proud to announce our new campaign: The No-Loss-Guarantee.

All of our lower priced items have been replaced and/or upgraded to products that add real value to your account. We threw out most of the products that you'd never want to order, and added more valuable ones. E.g. no more cheap watches in a Balenciaga Box and no cheap stickers in a Supreme Box. Instead, you'll get awesome stickers at worst! And damn, those stickers are not as cheap as you might think. The better products are worth at least as much as the box you open them from. Therefore it's impossible to even lose, while opening our virtual mystery boxes.

Happy unboxing!

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