Breaking down shipping fees

We often receive questions regarding our shipping fees. In this post, we will clarify how our fees work and and which apply for you.
Written by Florian
Updated 1 year ago

Simply said, we use flat fees, which depend on the item's value on Dripdraw.

Product price Shipping fee
$ 0.00 - $ 15.00  $ 8.00
$ 15.01 - $ 80.00  $ 18.00
> $ 80.00  $ 29.00

These costs are caused by additional fees from our service providers like StockX or Bump. When we order products from these companies, they usually demand high shipping fees, import fees, taxes, service fees, authentication fees and handling fees, for every individual item. In addition, we also have temporary storage fees with our shipping fulfilment service provider.

You can also request faster processing of your order for an additional $3 fee. Usually we attempt to send orders as fast as possible - but have to follow a certain queue. With this fee, your order will be pushed to the top of our fulfilment queue.

Your location or shipping destination does not impact the shipping fee.

In fact: The majority of orders processed through official vendors cost us (Dripdraw) more than $ 50.00 in fees alone, which is way over the                  $ 6.00 / $15.00 / $ 25.00 we charge you.

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